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This is optimism and Grin Big! T-Shirts are the best way to spread optimism and enjoy the great outdoors. "Do What You Like to Do!" -Gary Blehm 1989
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Spreading Optimism and Positive Vibes Since 1989

The Artist

Since first drawing Penman the Optimist in a one room school house near Aspen, Colorado in 1977 Gary Blehm has vowed to make spreading the power of optimism his life purpose. From the popular PENMEN posters published since 1989 spawning a book, syndicated comic strip, t-shirts, animations for European Television, to Grin Big!™ Apparel celebrating optimism and the great outdoors, the dream of spreading optimism continues to grow. This is Optimism!

Gary Blehm, The Optimist

Grin Big!™

Spreading the Power of Optimism and Positive Vibes Since 1989.

You become what you think about. Seize the Day! Enjoy every moment with a positive purpose and “Do What You Like to Do!” – Gary Blehm



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