Paddle Your Own Canoe

Paddle Your Own Canoe. Be yourself. There is only one “you”. The true you can never be ripped off or copied. Life is good when you follow your dreams and no brand says that more than Grin Big! Apparel. Penman, a trued symbol of optimism was first drawn in a one room school house near Aspen, Colorado by cartoonist Gary Blehm when he was only 12 years old. He announced to his parents that he would draw the character as a career for the rest of his life. Like a genuine positive purpose, Blehm has “Paddled his Own Canoe” since 1977. His cartooning career began with a popular poster titled “Find the Two Identical PENMEN” in 1989. From there came a book and national newspaper comic strip syndication and animation for European kids’ television in the early 2000s. Today, the brand has continued in apparel brand Grin Big!™ mirroring some of the earliest t-shirts sold in Boston in the early 1990s.

Remember to listen to your own creativity. Ignore trends when you develop that genuine “you”. By the time you develop a brand any trend you follow will most likely change. Be a trend setter. It is better to be copied than to copy.

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